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Old & New Reviews with same or next day New Spider-Man issue Reviews. The most current Spider-Man News, 3 month Previews, Spider-Man Articles, and anything newsworthy!

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New Issue Reviews - 4/6/08
Previews (June) - 3/29/08
News/ New Issues

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Back-Issue Reviews - 4/7/08
Spider-Man In FOOM #1-22 - 9/24/04
Inferior Five #10
- 9/12/04
ASM Wizard Ace #3 - 9/10/04
Price Guide Updated - 9/9/04

The most Complete and Comprehensive set of Spider-Man Comic Summaries & Covers on the Internet with extreme detail given to each issue!

Summary many more comics on the way! keep sending in info and scans and thank-you very much!

The world of Spider-Man & Peter Parker, including his Profile, Origin, Family, Friends, and more! Also includes the popular "Battle" Voting.

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Richard & Mary Parker - 6/30/02
Norman Osborn , Harry Osborn
May Parker , Mary Jane Watson
Costumes , Ultimate Spider-Man
Ben Reilly , Black Cat , Spider-Man 

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Artists & Writers Detail - 4/5/08
Spider-Man Timeline 1971 - 5/22/02
History Of Spider-Man - 4/7/01
Clone Saga Timeline

The History of Spider-Man with brief looks into the different era's in the life of Spider-Man. Also, the most complete Writer & Artist lists you will find concerning Spider-Man's Titles!


Detailed Profiles along with quality images of the other Heroes that Spider-Man has fought with or against through the years in Team-Ups & Cross-Overs!

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S. H. O. C. - 7/28/02
Madam Web - 6/3/02
Dr. Strange , Spider-Woman I , II , III
Scarlet Spider
, Punisher, Wolverine
Spider-Man 2099

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- 1/1/03
Shade , Shadrac

, Vulture II
Morlun ,
Green Goblin

Detailed Profiles along with quality images of Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery of Villains that have been a threat to Spidey over the years.
A fan favorite!

Custom Wallpaper, Trivia & Games, Downloadable Spider-Man Theme Music to Download, and the never-ending Spider-Man Costume Poll!

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Dr. Octopus Wallpaper - 7/21/03
Jigsaw Puzzles - 3/8/03
Spider-Man In Video Games
Spider-Man Music & Lyrics


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Links - 9/12/04
Authors Page - 4/20/01
Message Boards
Comic Rings

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